KDE Gemini KIO & KPart Plugin

A Gemini internet protocol client integration for KDE.

It allows fetching and viewing (using kio-gemini and geminipart) Gemini documents mainly in Konqueror. Using kio-gemini all KDE applications using KIO are able to access files using the Gemini Protocol (e.g.: fetch atom feeds with Akregator). Applications using KParts can display rendered gemini text files.


The two necessary plugins are available as source code:

Given the necessary KDE & Qt development files, you should be able to install them with the usual cmake and make commands:

cmake .; make; sudo make install


Now you can use Konqueror to browse the Gemini Space. Screenshot Konqueror

You may have to chose the correct KPart in Konqueror:

View : View Mode : Gemini View