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  • Luise von Himmelbetts Brot

    The smell of the brown loaves was like fidelity.

  • Kodak Photo CD Image extraction

    Kodak Photo CD Image extraction

  • MRI Music

    The acoustic sounds resulting from the MRI gradients can be used to generate music. Using only standard sequences to generate the desired sounds, a single note per sequence can be played by setting the time of repetition (TR) appropriately.

  • Cursor replacement for the floor dimmer Relco RT81

    The Relco RT81 dimmer of a secondhand Lamp had a missing cursor. Thus the regulation by foot was not so good.

  • KDE Gemini KIO & KPart Plugin

    A Gemini internet protocol client integration for KDE.

  • Glitzer.js

    Glitter sparkles are simulated with JavaScript for the 2D screen surface of a mobile phone. The rotation of the phone causes the individual glints to appear and disappear; as would be the case for an actual glittery surface.

  • Oversample and Over-Deliver

    How much phase oversampling is needed

  • Temperature Based Fan Control for the Raspberry Pi

    The fan (3010S DC 5V 0.20A) I use in the NESPi CASE with a Rapsberry Pi 3 Model B+ is quite loud. To reduce the noise, a system to switch the fan on/off based on demand was implemented.

  • Vulkan compute convolution/cross-correlation

    A simple headless Vulkan compute shader example using the C++ vulkan.hpp API.

  • WebVR-VR

    Virtual Reality Volume Rendering for real-time Visualization of Radiologic Anatomy

  • Blog

    I have a new Jekyll based blog.

  • NP900X3D Laptop Fan

    The fans of my Samsung NP900X3D Laptop where starting to make quite some noise.

  • Clock Face Replica

    Construction of a clock face replica for grandmas clock.

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